In terms of consumer electronics, we rely on market leading brands, just as we opt for producers in the lighting and energy sectors, who supply leading technology companies. Thus, in the lighting and energy sectors, our objective is to be more innovative whilst offering more cost-effective options of at least the same quality.

We put together optimised information packages, pre-select technologies and effectively reduce complexity for our partners – ideal preparation for decision making. Our company has extensive know-how in the field of project management, and provides the necessary structure to supply the retail
sector directly in a cost and quantity optimised manner.

In addition, we provide retail chains with various options for developing unique selling propositions in conjunction with the manufacturers, with respect to a given product, up to and including the third-party production of bespoke retail brands.

Short facts about us

  • High level of know-how in each product sector
  • Long-term supplier and customer strategy
  • Financially sound and socially responsible business