Verschiedene Produkte wie GlĂĽhbirnen und Batterien der Eures Eigenmarke

Sustainable, innovative and unique – our own brands.

In order to develop the top-quality products of our own brands in the areas of lighting and energy, our experts from the purchasing, sales, project management, quality assurance and marketing departments are working hand-in-hand with the production departments of leading technology companies.

In our in-house test lab, we regularly conduct quality checks and therefore can guarantee to our customers and the end consumers that our products are safe and work perfectly. Innovative, reliable technology as well as a perfectly matched product and packaging design characterize our own brands and make them unique.

Verschiedene Produkte wie GlĂĽhbirnen und Batterien der EURES Eigenmarken


Logo der Eures Eigenmarke Green Light

GreenLight – Beautiful light for your home


The GreenLight brand stands for energy-efficient lights that allow you to bask your home in beautiful warm white light. Thanks to their long lifetime, purchasing them not only saves money but also helps you do your part for the environment. With immediate luminance, our GreenLight light fixtures offer brightness right away – even on dark days.

Logo der Eures Eigenmarke Avalux

avalux – LED lights


The lights of our own Avalux brand provide our customers with LED lights containing no mercury. Avalux lights stand out by providing immediate brightness and an especially pleasant, warm and natural light as well as an above-average lifetime. Avalux lights allow significant energy savings and can help reduce your electric bills.


Logo der Eures Eigenmarke GreenCell

GreenCell – environmentally friendly energy sources


The products of our own GreenCell brand provide the most powerful output while also being environmentally friendly. As a sustainable energy source, GreenCell batteries are versatile, reliable and extremely durable.

Logo Eures Eigenmarke Avacell

avacell – power for any application


Coil cells, batteries, ready-to-use rechargeable batteries: The products of our avacell brand are of the highest quality while featuring outstanding durability and robustness. Our avacell range offers the right energy source for any of your applications. 


Innovative projects have to be fueled by passion and creative ideas. That is why we are working with inventors and take care of the entire project implementation process – from the initial idea to the market-ready product. As a company, we too are dealing with the topic of innovation. For example, we have patented an adhesive technique for our bathroom products as well as a patented packaging solution for our lights.

Additional product segments

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Consumer electronics brand distribution

Frau am Tisch sitzend mit Kaffeetasse in der Hand und Laptop vor sich

Customer brands and point-of-sales concepts

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Your concern, our mission.

To us, "full service" means that we are always there for you in person. You need recommendations for your product range? You want to strengthen your brand or need your own product concepts for your point of sales? Then get in touch with us. We'll be happy to help you!


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